613Smash Player Profile: Trushi

Leo “Trushi” Zarins, a Yoshi main who recently broke waves into Ottawa’s Smash scene as a Rising Star and 613Smash’s second featured Player of the Week (the interview can be found here.)

Not too long ago I got the chance to sit down and chat for a bit with 613Smash’s resident dino master Trushi.

Trushi has, for the short time I’ve know him, always been a positive and cheerful smasher, which the community has taken accustom to. The people love him and his enemies fear him.


Trushi is getting better and adapting week-by-week. He bides his time for the perfect moment to strike, like a hawk, if a hawk wore a Yoshi hat. And when he does strike, we won’t know what hit us.

As a younger player, he can only go up from here and get better.

Trushi’s strength as a Yoshi player comes from his egg play. From using them to recover safely, pressuring his opponents in the neutral game, racking up percentage and even using them to set up his combo game, it’s clear that Trushi is serving up omelettes, no fromage.

“Try to enter as many tournaments as you can,” he said, in regards to new people aiming to join Ottawa’s scene. “Meet as many people as you can. A lot of people are willing to give you tips to improve.”

Trushi is someone you always want to root for, not because he’s a younger player, but because he’s just simply a nice person. He’s always willing to rock some friendlies and talk about the game.


He is the People’s Champ - Bobby Scar sit down.

He’s willing to learn and he doesn’t have a huge ego, which is rare in the fighting game community. He is always humble and friendly, which goes miles in a community where social interaction is key for getting better.


Trushi says a player he looks up to is definitely SuperGirlKels, a Montreal smasher who is known for her bright personality and ridiculous Sonic play.

“She always helps me out,” he said. “She’s really nice and she’s super good at Sonic.”


Trushi even savagely called out Splitbreed, saying the next time they meet up in bracket, he is done for.

“Remember when dinosaurs ruled the earth and apes knew their place?” Said PND, 613Smash’s head TO. “Trushi remembers.”


Yayo is a content contributor here at Smack Talk and is the person who taught Trushi how to dab on them fools. Questions? Comments? Leave em below.


Or catch up with him on Twitter @YAYO_613

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