Ottawa Rapper Eddie Quotez discusses making anime rap and people trying to capitalize off the culture

The term ‘Otaku Rap’ is being used to describe this burgeoning genre of anime influenced hip hop music. In Japan, the word Otaku references someone with a specific interest. A hip hop Otaku would roughly translate into ‘hip hop nerd’ and have pejorative implications. In North America, the word has taken on a different meaning and is instead used as a term of endearment for those enamoured with Japanese anime culture.


Online forums like Reddit and 4chan have been spreading the work of Otaku rappers like VI seconds and Josip On Deck amongst forum participants. The success of those artists online has contributed to the growth of Otaku rap. “I think it’s huge because it spreads like wildfire in those kind of forums,” says Piol.

My original piece on Eddie was done for Glue Magazine and you can read it here:


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