The Division Beta: Impressions

The Division’s world is truly immersive

With The Division’s Beta recently finishing, now is as good a time as any to go over our first impressions of the soon-to-be released MMORPG.

By far the game from Q1 I am most excited for, I only got to play the Beta for two days and from what I played my hopes are still high but are also guarded. The beta restricted you to a small portion of New York City, the area while fun, runs out of content early while giving you an idea of how you will be spending your time through base support missions alongside the story. Having spent most of my time in Fallout 4, Halo 5 and The Witcher 3 these past 6 months, I haven’t played a good third person shooter in a while.

Spiegz did a First Impression video.

Despite a few shaky camera angles, the Division is a good fit, at first the MMORPG themed combat seemed like it could turn off a lot of consumers, like how it did with SWTOR. The weapons never feel weak, and if you fight an enemy a few levels above you, instead of it being a grind, it is manageable and if you think out your moves, you can take down any enemy.


The real meat of the Beta isn’t in the few encounters and preview story mission but rather in the undeniably awesome Dark Zone. Going in with a crew of three was still terrifying as you reach the quarantined gate to the dark zone which is home to the empire state building among other notable landmarks. The PVP area has a unique focus, where players can fight over exp and loot or go about their business and fighting the high level mobs for rewards to take back into single player.

A couple stills Spiegz captured

All loot gained in the Dark Zone is contaminated until it is properly extracted from one of a few designated areas on the map, these areas initiate a countdown for other players to extract their equipment or ambush others to steal theirs. This mentality makes the dark zone and the division in general have a very unique tone to it. As I traversed the open area for the beta, I found my character sticking to the cover filled side walks rather than walk down the open street even if no enemies were in sight. The atmosphere and “lurking” threat creates an uneasy feeling that is hard to shake even with a fire team by your side.

While it lacked the content or enemy encounters to make it as addicting as I would have liked, I’m sure the full game will have more to it, including higher leveled areas, more unique encounters and hopefully enough plenty of end game raids and missions to keep this “Destiny Killer” with a strong fanbase for the future.


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