Top 10: Best Space Ships in Gaming

When you boot up a new game you always wonder where you’re character is going to be spending their time. And with Sci Fi games still leading the way, once the tutorial mission is done, you’ll be waiting to see how you will traverse the galaxy. Here are the best ships that gave us some of the best moments, or have us hoping we’ll get one last ride with them.

If your favorite ship isn’t on the list feel free to let us know about ones we missed in the comments.


(Note: These list will only be including ships that originated in video games, so no X-Wings or USS Enterprise’s here.)

10. Asteroid Ship - Asteroids

This is the original gaming space ship, released in 1979 this little ship packs a punch. Whether asteroids or alien ships, this ship destroys or breaks them into pieces with a single shot. The trailblazer on the list, there might not be much to the little triangle, but plenty of others have since followed in it’s footsteps.

9. The Ebon Hawk - Star Wars: Knights of the old republic


If a ship is only as good as its crew, then the Ebon Hawk must be very... special. This ship serves as more of a base of operations for the unique crew that operates it. What makes this ship so special is how it gathers so many diverse personalities in a tin can rocketing through space on an intergalactic quest and doesn’t explode from the pressure within. I mean, we’ve got Amnesiac Sith Lords, Homicidal Robots and escaped wookie slaves with (justified) chips on their shoulders. Now that’s a cocktail for excitement if I ever saw one, and the Ebon Hawk is notable for being the perfect Vessel for that.

8. USG Ishimura - Dead Space


Instead of calling this ship your home, or piloting it into battle, Dead Space‘s USG Ishimura plays host to most of your nightmares as you play through the first dead space.Originally built as mankind’s saving grace, the Ishimura is an extremely powerful ship designed to mine and smelt entire planets for their resources and can tether onto asteroids and large debris to bring them into it’s bay for smelting striking a terrifying image, After getting to the Red Marker site, escape shuttles brought the necromorphs on board and we know how that turned out.

7. The Ragnarok - Final Fantasy VIII


The 7 slot on this list was originally reserved for Cid Highwind’s rocket from Final Fantasy VII. Because, you know, 7. Even though FFVII’s tale of heartbreak and following your dreams makes the central figure of Rocket Town endearing, it gets eclipsed by the awesomeness that is the Ragnarok. When Squall and Rinoa happen upon the ship while playing space-castaway, the game takes on a survival horror vibe as they’re set upon by unknown creatures on the ship. Their only hope for survival is to figure out an unclear puzzle to escape the threat, get the ship moving and prevent the moon from.. crying? Anyways. This ship looks like a dragon and throws a really cool gameplay change at you so it deserves its spot on the list.

6.The Kestral - FTL


It may not be the fanciest ship on the list but the Kestral is in every way, your own. Starting off with the essentials, you journey through space dealing with air leaks and pirate attacks, managing your ship and getting it out of as many jams as you can until it meets it’s demise, which is a bigger deal than most in the perma-death game.

5.The Revanant - Eve Online


Eve Online is an MMO that has made it into the news multiple times for pure shock value. With the in-game currency having a real world value that players can use to purchase graphic cards and purchase time cards to continue playing. The Revenant class ship is one of the expansion ships that made news when one was destroyed, which wouldn’t be a big deal except the price of the ship is about 9 000 dollars, along with it being one of three in the game at the time.

4. The Arwing - Star Fox


Whether dog fighting over cities or navigating asteroid fields, Fox Mcleods trusty Arwing continues to take care of business. Perhaps this is a lot of players first experience with a space ship in a video game. Still to this day the Arwing is iconic, despite the last Star Fox game being released almost 10 years ago, many fans are eagerly awaiting the series first true sequel in Star Fox Zeroes that has been delayed to later this year. Regardless, the Arwing is fast strong and diverse, able to take down space ships and enemies that dwarf it in size. It now has a walker function that means not even the smallest ground troops will be safe in Star Fox: Zeroes.

3. UNSC Infinity - Halo 4,5 and probably 6


It may not have the same impact of the Forward unto Dawn which played a pivotal part in saving the galaxy from the Covenants fanatical ways, the Infinity stands above nearly every ship that has been built since then. First of all, this ship is huge, I mean gigantic, it makes it’s appearance by smashing through a covenant super carrier like it’s a tooth pick. Mind you these are the same super carriers that glassed the crap out of Reach without breaking a sweat. It is captained by Master Chiefs number one fan Captain Lazky and is home to the gross majority of Spartan 4's, making it’s crew almsot as lethal as it’s armaments.

2. Vic Viper - Gradius


It might not be the oldest on the list, but chances are you have played or seen someone fly the vic viper into battle in mostly the original side-scroller games. The Vic Viper is a killing machine, with the ability to pick up power ups, this ship can take the fight just about anywhere and traverse the tight environments gracefully. Along with the fact that it is one of the trail blazers,and still has games inspired after it coming out like, Aegis Wing, it is right where it belongs at number 2.

1. The Normandy - Mass Effect


It may not have been around the longest, or have been in the most games but the Normandy is something special in it’s own right, it’s as much a character as it is your ship. The SR-1 is one of the first things you see when you boot up the first Mass Effect a stealth ship and symbol of the galactic community beginning to accept and collaborate with the humans who are new to the galaxy and in the first moments of Mass Effect 2 it is destroyed, just as Shepard is. Only to be brought back to life much like Shepard as the SR-2, which becomes home to future squad member and A-I Edi. Not only is it your warship, but home to your companions and where you will spend most of your time getting to know some of the best characters ever seen in a video game ever.

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